CAPTIVATED by cities, wowed by wildlife, or do you find people particularly fascinating?

If you can frame a striking shot, you might just nab some National Geographic fame.

The organisation, known for it’s much-loved National Geographic Magazine, is inviting keen photographers from around to world to enter its 2018 photo contest.

But, if these impressive images submitted in the competition’s first week are anything to go by, there’s going to be some fierce competition.

Keen photographers can submit their photos into any or all of the three categories: Wildlife, People and Places.

The grand prize will fetch you a tidy $5000 ($A6935) and some social stardom too, with the top photo set to feature on the @NatGeo Instagram account.

Your image might tell a story, like this ominous aerial by Jassen Todorov that highlights the waste our society can create.

“The VW emissions scandal began in 2015, when the EPA issued a notice of violation of the Clean Air Act to Volkswagen Group,” Mr Todorov said.

“Today thousands of VW and Audi models 2009-2015 sit in the California deserts.”

But it’s not all about photos with deeper meaning; they can also be light hearted and fun.

Daniel Yee caught this puffin coming in for a crooked landing. Wide-eyed and wings spread, the beautiful bird had a mouthful of scrumptious sand eels for its chicks to gobble down.

And some cute cubs might also catch the eyes of judges, after Yaron Schmid was brave enough to venture near their pride.

Sitting atop some rocks, Ms Schmid said she’d never laughed so hard as she watched the little lions torment their mum.

“The best moment was when three of the young cubs started chasing, playing and biting their mum’s tail as if they were kittens that were playing with yarn,” Ms Schmid said.

Those who shine behind the lens are encouraged to start exploring and snapping, or curating quickly. Entries to the competition close on November 15 at 3am AEDT.

National Geographic photo editor and judge Jennifer Samuel said she hoped to see a range of diverse and innovative images.

“The photo contest is an exciting opportunity for photographers from all corners of the globe to show us their unique perspectives on the people, places and wildlife they encounter in their own lives,” Ms Samuel said.

Entries are currently $20 ($A27) rising to $25 ($A35) in the final week, and there is no limit to the number of submissions per entrant.

Three other prizes are also on offer, ranging from $750 ($A1040) to $2500 ($A3470)

Submissions must be in digital format and can be made here.